Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Dream Of Black Sands Come True

Life Changing trips are a part of staying youthful, I decided to take on Panama this time, and since I already have this blog might as well use it to my advantage. 

Bethel Panama
Ok so this is my attempt to kinda keep everyone posted at once, while also posting some great photos. So we spent the first few days in Panama City where I got the chance to work at Bethel Panama, which they are closing but is operating at 1/2 the capactiy ~ 37 people currently. I worked the day in the kitchen. It was soooooo much work, I mean crazy work. I was actually very surprised by how exhausted I was. I started cleaning the freezer out and I hate cold so I was thinking mannnnn, but it was actually a lot of fun. At the end of the day my eyelids hurt I was so tired.

Morning Worship

Cleaning the Freezer, I had to put on big gloves and a huge coat and I was still freezing.

The Kitchen Crew - Cleaning and Cooking

Assembly hall, on the campus of Bethel


Black Sand at night :-)
So after the longest day of work every that still wasn’t it, then we went to the beach to build a fire and roast out.  So this may be my favorite part of the trip honestly L I know I know its suppose to be the preaching.  SO we walk on the beach and guess what I see BLACK SAND!!! I have only been dreaming and wanted to see it foreverrrrr, so after I finished jumping up and down like a child I took some pics, then we spent the next day on the beach.
Black Sand Glitters on your shoes

Ok, so maybe I got a bit obsessed with the pictures of black sand

Beach Day, the sister with pink pants is my roomate, the sister to my left is Panamanian, and the end is the sister who met us at the mall and took us around with her for a few days in Panama City before leaving to Bocas del Toro.

This is just the beginning of an amazing experience...


Danielle said...

Thanks sooo much for the update what an awesome experience I have been missing you and thinking about you! I know you in good hands sis and having a ball! Please bring some black sand back so I can rub it on my toes :) cant wait to hear and see more experiences.May Jehovah continue to bless your self sacrificing spirit its soooo encouraging!Love you much mwahhhhhh

Tia said...

ohhh, black sand! (bring me some back, LOL)

CurlyT said...

Amazing experience! So proud of you! I can imagine how fun it was to serve at Bethel for a day :) and then get to indulge in the delicacies at the beach! Black sand?! I've never seen that until I saw your picture! It looks beautiful! I know you're enjoying your trip! Thanks for keeping us updated. Enjoy the experience and the preaching work! Love you girlie!


Liv said...

That sand looks amazing. After listening to you talk about black sand for years I'm glad one of your dreams have come true. I am experiencing great joy seeing it thru your eyes. Much love.

Shelby Walker said...
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Shelby Walker said...

Loving the chance to watch your experiences. May Jehovah bless you with many more. Love you!

Caroline Arauz said...

really was an excellent experience and enjoyed you company ... I hope you return soon .. Aly the black sand will be waiting forever lol

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