Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Appropriate word for the final Panama blog.. I think so :-) So, what and how did I spend my last weeks in Panama? Well there was the English Special Assembly Day which was the C part of the circuit. The English Circuit has had so much growth lately, they are now 3 parts to the circuit and had 183 in attendance.  They are 1082 in total for the circuit, and Costa Rica is part of the A side of the circuit. They also have a large English need. Speaking of Costa Rica, we went to Costa Rica with an amazing couple and a sister serving in Changuinola, Panama.  I think they deserve a formal shout out so Heyyy, Darrin, Iliana, and Micah.

So yes, we went to Costa Rica, with them and had an amazing time. The beach was like a pool so calming unlike the waves that beat me up and made me feel like I had been hit with sacks of beans in the beaches in Panama.  Well back to the ‘min’ (as the brothers I met from New Zealand call the ministry), the growth is tremendous they in 5 years have added several new English Congregations and other foreign language groups. Most Recently in Armuellas a new group for English was just started which consist currently of 1 family, 2 New Congregations in English in Boquete and Changuinola.

Our trip ended with Panama City, and meeting the brother in person for the first time who helped us out from the start of our trip. He found us a brother (Thanks Tito Miller) to meet in Bocas and show us around the Island also Ismael picked us up from the bus terminal to take us around the city and to the airport finally at 11:00pm, what brotherly love and hospitality he showed. Thanks Ismael :-D Did I mention he and his friend Ichy are great tour guides as well? I think they know more about Panama and the Canal than the people who built it ;-)  Thank you Jessica for making that connection for us.  It’s so amazing to see the brotherhood at work.  Until Next time


Check out other random pics..and yes the soup with the fish called Rondon was Delicioso!!! Oh and I walked across a border, also something I have always wanted to do...there was a bridge between Costa Rica and Panama and these nice men escorted me across after finding contraband..haha just kidding but they did take a picture with me!!