Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friend Zone

Everything on the way to a rich 40 is not about foods, sleep, spa days, facials even though there are tons of those goodies on the way. One of the most important parts of staying stress free is keeping close friends and more importantly staying close to them. Studies show.. and what studies those are, can look it up yourself. Just kidding.. check out some of these sites that reference the importance of a strong social network. Well that lovely thing called stress causes wrinkles, causes fatigue, breaks down all the work you do to remain beautiful. Combat it!!! Do not accept stress defeat.. Do what I did,  I got a group of my good friends together and we had a girls night, but not like the typical haphazard one. I got us reservations and movie seats, and we hit up a cupcake spot to make sure we had lots of yummy indulgence. My February step to being on my journey...friend zone.  Next on the pipeline a group trip!! How much more building of that social network can one do?  :-)

Strong Social Networks:

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