Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Active Laziness

I am actively lazy!! I have always been active, running around doing stuff, exercising, projects around the house, stealing pallets ( that's a future post), sports, etc... but I like to do things with purpose aka laziness, like when the remote is on the other side of the couch and the TV is too low, I'll just listen more intently haha..
I realized this years ago but as I was standing in line at the store buying a 1/2 gallon tumbler to take with me to work it really kinda smacked me in the face.. Ok, so background on this purchase. I started a new job a few weeks ago and my desk is an extended walk to the break room, like to the point where I have to time going to the break room and bathroom so I don't appear to spend all my time wandering the hallways. Oh yea the bathroom is equally as far, so I'm on the verge of a pee-pee dance every time someone stops me in the hall for that.."oh ur new..hows it going?" chat. Anyway so the point.. well in addition to my not wanting to look like the slacking new girl who spends all her time walking and the real reason for my purchase the laziness... I strategically purchased a tumbler I could fill up with water only once and make it through the entire day drinking. YES!!! 2 points -Team laziness. Ho-w-e-v-er  I started to feel bad because that was really a lazy move, and I was also taking the elevator to the 2nd floor every day. Enter Team Activeness!! Basically I needed to make myself feel better about being a slacker and work in harmony with my "Rich 40". Now these following suggestions prove my activeness and can improve yours as well. 
1. I started to take the steps, (that's right bags and all every morning and afternoon)
2. I went to Sculpting and put an extra 10lbs of weight on my bar ;-) and finally
3. I wake up every morning and do a nice yoga-stretch complete with a few planks and Pilates push-ups.
The result: Feeling rather good about myself and my track!!

Nothing irritates me more than chronic laziness in others. Mind you, it's only mental sloth I object to. Physical sloth can be heavenly.
Elizabeth Hurley

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