Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Pretty Sleeper

I have for years used the term pretty sleeper.. I am a bona fide pretty sleeper. What does that mean? Well I stay in one spot, I don't drool, I don't snore, I don't make weird breathing noises and I wake up as peacefully as i fell asleep. So how could I possibly change that to help me reach "a rich 40"? Research shows that sleeping on your stomach or sleeping on your side allows for fluid to pool on one side or at the front of your face stretching out your skin. Gross!!! Stretched out skin leaves you looking a lot older than you want. Also sleeping flat allows for fluid to move to your face while you sleep. Did I mention I get super hot while I sleep? So I stopped sleeping with a pillow years ago cause pillows make me hot...kind of a Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite moment. Anyway I digress, basically I stopped sleeping on my sides, started sleeping with a pillow again and feel great about the changes I made. The visual changes I've seen: I wake up in the morning without the puffy eyes, my contacts don't need nearly the time to wake up.
Ready to take the steps on your own:

1.) Buy Pillow $$
2.) Lay body in bed.
3.) Place back of head on pillow.
4.) Close eyes and have pretty dreams.

Monday, December 12, 2011

About Me!!

About me...hmmmm that's hard to put in words, but that is the point of a blog after all, right?? Well, first of all I love all things food. I love eating it, cooking it, smelling it, watching it on TV, reading about it, driving past restaurants, dreaming about it, you get the point all things food. I also love shopping for food, but my real addiction to shopping is shopping for accessories for my body aka clothes!!! I have found though that my love for all things fashion has created a problem with my love for all things like my bills paid.. soooo I have found ways to create priceless looks on a budget. Which brings me to another love that I have, planning. I run a small event planning business called Priceless Creations ( where any event you can dream..I can make a reality.

So when I'm not plotting to take over the world with my 5 star culinary skills (I just started cooking like 2 years ago--haha), I will be here blogging about a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Hope you enjoy my weekly post of all that is me!!!