Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bitten by Pallet Bug!

So I got pallet fever and wanted a pallet inspired coffee table. For those of you who haven't realized its the DIY invention craze of 2011 and working its way into 2012. So I went out like any law abiding citizen and found some pallets, needless to say they were a lot heavier than I thought and wider than expected so driving home it was hard to see if I was being pursued by cops, so I drove like I was Jane in that movie Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 version) when they robbed the liquor store..hahaha.. Anyway I get these pallets home stack them up and place them in the living room.. Perfect I think, now to just read up on getting them clean!! <Enter Drama> I am terrified of mold, fungus, anything similar and def flesh eating bacteria which I read used pallets have the potential to carry. <Enter Meltdown> Ok, now what?? I have these great pallets that work in my space and I'm scared to use them. I read about disinfecting them but my brain just would not accept this as satisfactory, so I decided to fork up some money go to Lowe's and build one.  I love it, it loves me, and is bacteria FREE!!! Check it out!! Some Free's are better than the $$0.00$$ price tag.

Wood Required:
1- (2x4) for support
3- (1x6x8) planks for the top
2- (1x2x8) for the base
2- (4x4) for the legs
Total Time to Build: One afternoon and a couple of hot cups of tea ;-)

Gotta Love Cheap Looking Wood and Luxurious Fur!!


CurlyT said...

I love this! This is a nice "pallet"! I still don't know what a "pallet" it looks good! You did a great job Li!

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