Saturday, July 21, 2012


   Fittingly named because I played football on the beach and scored our teams only two touchdowns!! Who says a total lack of knowledge about the game prevents you from being a successful player.  :-) Ok so let’s rewind to how I got there.  The congregation minus 2 went to another Island where there is a beach called Red Frog, known for its poisonous red frogs. We took a boat, all of us piled in..

We arrived at the beach, hung out had a few snacks, and played football on the sand as well as a form of keep away in the water. The beach was beautiful, crystal green water which you could see through for miles, the waves crashing over you left you in awe and then in ow.. The waves crashed strong and hard felt like getting hit with sacks of beans, consequentially I woke up the next day extremely bruised and sore. It was a good time for all though and a much needed Vaca from the normal activities.

OK so , touchdown is also appropriate to describe settling into life here. It’s been a challenge to learn the routine for preaching there isn’t much activity on Monday or Tuesday from either group English or Spanish then they go hard the rest of the week. So since we don’t work were kinda hanging out seeing stuff on the off days, but were growing accustom to it.  Site seeing and cooking like the locals.

We took a long bike ride out to a place called Playa Bluff the other day, it was almost 10 miles. I am proud to say I handled it like a champ, I wasn’t even tired in fact it invigorated me. (side note: those reading this blog who have asked me to bike with them please realize this is a horse of an entirely different color were talking about and do not use this information against me upon my return) The waves were gigantic, biggest waves I have ever seen and they crash right on the shore so you really couldn’t swim only hang out about ankle to knee deep, but well well worth the ride. 

On preaching days we get started at about 7am and have a black coffee, and chat with the regulars. We can usually share a bible text with them since we see them so frequently and simply follow up about it the next time we see them. Often we are able to share chapters at a time with people while sitting in the park. The other day we conducted a study on an upside down canoe beside an uncompleted building.

 One of the sisters studies came to the meeting on Saturday and we didn’t recognize her cause she looked so much like a sister, she cleaned up so differently than when we see her in her work setting. My study was ready when I arrived on Sunday, magazine and bible in hand. It is such a joy to see the eagerness in the territory. Touchdown!!


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Cute dress! and ewwww you touched a fish?! Yuck! (I'm such a girl, lol)

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