Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crabs in the shower!!

Crabs in the shower!!

Ok so for installment 3 I wanted to share some experiences and some Pictures of the congregation and the territory. We start out with the Kingdom Hall. Its small fans only, no air which is common. In the Theocratic mtg I killed a jumping spider, and had to zip my bag cause a gecko kept trying to come home with me. Since DR they have followed me for some reason haha. Then as if that wasn't enough when I get in the shower I see a crab leg sticking out and moving. I'm thinking there is no way this crab can fit under the tile lip on the shower to come out. Well I was wrong!! As soon as I cut the water off guess what was waiting for me all steamed up.. yep Sebastian, wait is he a crab or lobster? hmmm, either way this thing was no cute Disney Character. I swept him outside, and to bed I went, sleeping with one eye open of course.

 The next few pics are pics of the territory while we are preaching. Yes that is the view pure water and palm trees.The houses are bright colors and so beautifully decorated.

 Thursdays we go to an Island called Bastamientos which is one of the many groups of Islands here that make up Bocas del Toro. This is where I had the best plate of food I have ate since I been here. It was simple rice and beans and chicken but it was coco rice.. YUMMYYY… so side thought every time I got to NYC I have to stop and get rice from this place called Ruby Foos that makes this sticky rice that is like a drug. However , the coco rice here honestly gave NYC some competition. I am quite a fan of rice, green rice, brown rice, sticky rice, I just like rice haha.. I digress. So the picture below is of my plate there, and then the friends in the congregation at lunch.

 I have been on several studies since arriving as that seems to be the majority of the people’s immediate desire. One study we were on the lady told us that she worked helping the elderly out and that one day she was cleaning a ladies feet and her big toe and the one beside it came off in the tub of water she was using. < insert gasp and horrified facial expression here>  According to the lady she was shocked but continued to do her job. I think I would have quit.. :-o

I started my first study on the first Sunday I went out. It was a quiet day for service so only 4 of us out and I was working with a substitute CO, who is super animated and excited about the ministry. So we walk up to this door and we start speaking English to this lady who keeps responding in Spanish, and I think ok no point in continuing here. He keeps speaking to her in English however and she keeps speaking in Spanish and he starts asking about her family and her plants basically everything and finally she starts speaking English with him. It was hilarious how he wore her down and how excited he got her to talk with us. Then we were able to sit and go through part of the Watchtower on pg 17 and set up the study for return next Sunday. I saw her  in the street like two days later and she recognized me I went up to her and was able to have a brief chat, she is eager to start learning. Ok so another side bar..we live on an island, it’s very small, you see the same ppl all the time and everywhere so of course the ppl you are studying with, preaching to,  living beside, you see them ALLLL the time. Its interesting how many times you can speak to one person in the same day.

FYI: We picked House #2, we had all the space we needed the great beach view, access to the hotel beside us and the owners are super nice J


CurlyT said...

I love these pictures and the experiences! :) So proud of you ladies! Can't wait to go serve somewhere myself. I was just about to ask what house you ladies picked! I'm sure you will like it! I admire how adaptable you are to more simple circumstances! Can't wait to see you! Keep the pictures coming!

Love you!

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