Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome To Bocas Del Toro

Loosely translated, a mouth of the bull. I learned that islands with strong currents are sometimes named Bocas.  So we arrive to a place called Almirante at 5:30am on Monday July 2, 2012 and take a water taxi over to Bocas. Upon arrival after spending the night on a bus from the city we are exhausted, find a hostel, eat breakfast and pass out. After waking up we decided to get ourselves oriented, and get on the house hunt. 

Welcome to House Hunters International Bocas.

Below there are three videos of apartments we went to look for. Can you decide which one we chose?

Click http://youtu.be/7pX-2G10l2k for House #1

Sorry the Video on Number 3 is really bad, you may have to tilt your head to the left…hope you don’t get dizzy--lol

Enjoy!!..coming up next week pictures of the preaching and experiences we have had .


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